Mobstats provides
data analytics
to elite sports leagues

Building deep insights on
sports fans as customers


Covering sports worldwide

Benefits for Leagues

Identify your super fans

Profile and segment your top supporters. Put your data to work, and reach individual segments with personalised offers they’re certain to love. 


Predict who will buy

Unify and analyse your data silos in real time. Predict who will buy. Tailor your targeting and take action autonomously to sell more.

Start the conversation

Fans respond best when you message on their terms. Our AI identifies which cohorts respond best to email over notification. Goodbye ‘one size fits all’. 

Simple. Customisable. Powerful.

Super light touch management. Designed for the busy sales executive.


Mobstats Customer Intelligence Platform places a powerful tool in the hands of sales and marketing teams working in elite sports, across leagues and clubs worldwide. We leverage predictive analytics to segment, target and monetise your sports fans – autonomously! Our primary mission is to grow our customers’ revenues, drive operating efficiency, and deliver superior fan relationship management through an easy-to-use browser-based dashboard. 


We are a B2B enterprise proposition unlocking intelligence from multiple data silos across ticketing, mailing and CRM systems.


And you’ll be glad to hear we integrate seamlessly with all the tools you already love. Our platform is entirely plug-and-play, requiring no additional technical skills or training.

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Suitable for World Tournaments

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Benefits for CRM

Simple integration with third party systems

Seemless Integration

Integrates with the third-party systems you already love, for ticketing, online store and mailing

Improve Outbound

360 degree view of your customers means Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Hubspot can do so much more

Convert unknowns to knowns

Knows the offers your customers love, and automatically reach out only when it suits them

Benefits for fans using the app

Family-friendly chat with mute feature

Media feeds from trusted league partners

Set the type of league offers you are open to

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